Mr. Farmer

Mr. Farmer is my inspiration. We were married in 1994. Mr. Farmer likes to do things and make things. He doesn't sleep much, which gives him a lot of time for research. He has had more interesting jobs in his life than one could imagine - some of which I didn't even know existed, like underwater welding and driving a robot through sewers for inspection. He's an electrician, metal fabricator, woodworker, laborer, and amateur veterinarian. When our daughter was born and the doctor asked if he wanted to cut the umbilical cord he replied, "Nah, I've done that plenty of times - with sheep."

All Mr. Farmer has ever wanted was to be a goat farmer. We are still working on that, but for now the pigs and chickens will have to do. Every day is a new adventure, a new job, and new things to do and try and learn. I love that (among other things) about him. What are we doing today?

Tapping Maple Trees?

Birthing Piglets?

Processing Dozens of Pounds of Meat?

What Next?

*** Quotable Quotes By Mr. Farmer ***

"Rule Number One: They are ALL Rule Number One."

(It's a lot of them. He is my inspiration, after all.)