Young Master Farmer

Young Master Farmer is our son. He has always been a big boy, starting out at nearly 9 pounds back in 1995, so he is the muscle around the mini-farm. Having now passed the 6 foot mark, he is the "reach me down" and "can you please carry" boy. He still has a little difficulty with the 100 pound feed sacks, but the 50 pound sacks don't even make him break a sweat - even carrying them uphill! He feeds and waters the pigs, washes dishes and runs the vacuum, and helps with building fences and cages. That's my boy!

The Pigs Know Him and Come Running When He Arrives

*** Quotable Quotes By Young Master Farmer***

"Comfort food for dinner, two nights in a row... What is it, my BIRTHDAY?!?!?!?"

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