Our Pig-Partner

We have a partner and friend who previously invested 50/50 in our hog adventures. He paid for half the supplies, did half the work, and got half the meat/profit. He's a skilled hunter and a hard worker. Once I saw him dress and skin a deer in under 30 minutes. (That's impressive, if you didn't know it.) Mr. Farmer is teaching him how to slaughter and butcher, and he is a big help with lifting things and moving animals, too. He has assisted with births and castrations. He has land now, and is starting to branch out on his own a bit. His girlfriend has a bad habit of naming animals that are intended for food - but we love her anyway.

He Likes the Pigs

*** Quotable Quotes By Our Pig Partner ***

(To Mr. Farmer) "You really enjoy being You, don't you?"