Mrs. Farmer

Hi, I'm Mrs. Farmer, the author of this blog. My mother always said I was born 20 years too late, and that I should have been a hippie. I always say that I'm a little bit Little House on the Prairie. I enjoy the simple things in life: beautiful flowers, family, music, sleep. I have always had an appreciation for homemade and handmade things, and I value hard work.

I work 40+ hours a week at the same company since 1999. I'm an accomplished administrator, secretary, and supervisor, and I'm handy with a computer and handling difficult or unhappy customers. The corporate world is so different from home, so it is almost like I have 2 lives. Guess which one I chose to blog about?

HINT: It's The One That Gets Me Dirty.
(Let's be honest, it's my blog, so this link will show you more than half of the posts in existence!)

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