Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pigs: So Many Pigs!

How did this happen?!?!  How did I end up with 9 pigs in my yard?

FIVE Male Pigs!
As previously mentioned, we acquired 5 pigs just prior to Christmas at a great price. Some were for breeding, the others for eating. As soon as word got out that we had a few to raise up, the offers came in from family and friends who wanted to board pigs with us. So Mr. Farmer called back that seller and asked if he was willing to sell more. He was. In no time we had purchased another SIX male pigs! So, for several weeks, there were ELEVEN pigs on my tiny, less-than-a-third-acre property. 

Two of the males in the second batch were intact, so we traded one of the intact males to another breeder we know. In the spring, we will receive two females in trade. Subtract that one and the one we presented at the Super Bowl Party, and now there are nine.


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