Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life Is Good: 'Tis the Promise

When I was young, I went to summer camp at Camp Sankanac in Spring City, PA. At dinner we sang for our supper; that is, we sang grace instead of saying it. Each evening we sang, to the tune of "Channels Only":

'Tis the promise of the Savior
Lions' young do suffer need
But His children who receive* Him
He Himself will ever feed.

Thank you, Savior,
For this bounty
Sweet provisions from above
Gratefully** we now receive this
Token of Thy endless love!

Upon finding myself in dire financial straits recently, I really needed this song today. For the past few days I have been struggling to make ends meet, as spring turns to summer and new clothes are needed, end-of-the-school-year field trips and parties require extra funds, and the usual bills still keep coming. I have taken comfort in knowing that the pantry is full, and even if I could not buy food for days or weeks, my children would not go hungry. The freezer is packed with meat. The canned and dry goods are holding up. The chickens keep laying, and since it is spring, we can feed them and the pigs scraps if the corn runs out. Mr. Farmer can bake bread. There's no need to fear.

Even as we stretch for every penny, collecting up coins for gas money and passing on some of the nicer things we would like to splurge on, God is taking care of us. The bills are getting paid (if at the last moment), the tarp on the roof is holding, and we are fed. Each of these are tokens of His endless love, and I am thankful.

  *  Possibly "believe" - I am doing this from memory, and an Internet search did not help.
**  Or "thankfully" - Maybe my sister knows for sure?


  1. Based on this post and the email I received from you earlier: It's amazing how I can feel jealousy over the triumph of a friend without realizing that my own small triumphs could be the envy of another. Thanks for putting it all into perspective for me... I never did like the taste of shoe-rubber (Let's be honest, I don't have any leather shoes!). No I'll bet that the one I am jealous of is jealous of me for something else. matter the road we travel to get there, the destination will be the same.

    FYI: I think the *RECEIVE is correct, but the second one is **THANKFULLY if memory serves...

  2. A very nice post. This really put some things into perspective!

  3. Nevermind the foot-in-mouth syndrome, Dear. Remember that I was right there with you. I was really fretting over how I was going to pay the "next bill" while I was washing dishes at the sink and that song popped right in there.

    Sometimes He whispers. Sometimes (but not often) He just bangs you right over the head.

  4. I dont know why I shed tears with your post.It is very touching.Thank you so much for the sharing and please do write more.thanks. I am your newest follower.

  5. Thank you, Marelie. I don't usually get all inspirational like that, but when times get tough... well, I wonder if He doesn't test us for a reason. My focus has definately improved, so now I can get back to thinking (and writing!) about the wonders of nature He has put under my stewardship - tiny as it might be.