Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gardening: Potato Harvest

Little Miss Farmer
Helping the Potatoes Out of the Barrell

My previous post about growing potatoes was almost prophetic. The statement, "We don't exactly have huge potato crops each year," turned out to be a huge understatement when it came to the 2011 crop:

Yup. That's all of them.
We had a very rainy summer this year, and many of our plants suffered. One potato barrel yeilded only one small potato. The other gave the sad bowl of tubers seen above. It is barely enough for a single meal for the four of us. We may not even bother with them next year. I am considering repurposing those barrels and using them for flowers instead.


  1. I just spent the morning planting potatoes and found your blog as I was taking a break. I am always trying container potatoes and was glad to find out I was not the only one not having much success. I planted a 4 foot round pipe this morning ,we'll see what comes from that. I run a CSA now and plant large areas of potatoes, but am always looking for ways to utilize more space. Enjoyed the blog. JILL

    1. Thanks! We have potatoes sprouted, but I don't know if we are going to put them in the ground or not. They are definately NOT going into those barrels, though!