Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cooking: Pork Shoulder and Sauerkraut

The traditional New Year's Day Feast in my home is Pork and Sauerkraut. I love a picnic shoulder roast any time, and when pigs are in short supply, the price at the grocery store is generally quite low for pork roasts at New Year's. One day I will do a full post about New Year's Traditions and Superstitions, but I can sum up most of them as this: Whatever happens on January 1 will foreshadow the year ahead. So, in this case, the idea is that you should eat well on the first of the year, and eat rich, fatty foods, to ensure you will not starve in the coming year. Personally, I'll take any excuse to make a pork shoulder...


About half an hour before cooking, preheat the oven to 450. Do not skip this step. It makes he difference between a nice roast and a so-so roast.

Rinse the shoulder in cool water, pat dry, and place in baking dish or pan, at least 2 inches deep. (Optional) Rub all over with salt, garlic powder, parsley, and rosemary (fresh, if possible). Allow roast to rest until nearly room temperature.


Place skin side up on middle rack of the oven. Close the oven door and immediately turn down to 325. NO PEEKING FOR AT LEAST AN HOUR! Cook 40 minutes per pound.


At the beginning of the last hour, remove the roast from the oven and drain off the fat. Reserve it for gravy or au jus. Add sauerkraut to the dish and return to the oven for the final hour.


Once the internal temperature is 170, remove from the oven and allow to rest at least 15 minutes. This keeps the juices in. Serve with potatoes, or bread and butter. Or BOTH.

2010 Roast Pork Shoulder with Sauerkraut

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