Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life Is Good: Bubble Bath!

NOTE: A big part of our lifestyle is enjoying the little things and celebrating the simple joys of life, so I chose not to post this essay under Off Topic.

I found myself in a very unusual position today. I was on the computer working on the usual business when suddenly it occurred to me: I was alone. Mr. Farmer was driving his brother home, and both children were next door playing some kind of collaborative game. The television was on, the dog was resting quietly, and the only other sound was my fingers on the keyboard. It took a moment before I realized my situation, and I actually had to give some thought to what action I should take. Mothers of the world, say it with me: When the children are away, Mother will TAKE A BUBBLE BATH!!

I knew I had to act quickly. After all, I am not delusional. Nothing in this world that is worth having can be accomplished without good, old-fashioned, hard work. So I grabbed the bathtub cleaner and went to it. I sprayed down the sides and bottom of the tub, stepped back, and took stock of the bathroom situation while the cleaner did its magic. The sink needed a wiping. I can't enjoy a bath (getting clean) in a dirty bathroom. Especially if there are smells involved in that dirt. So I got the toilet cleaner and took care of that business as well. I wiped down the tub, started running the water, and finished the sink and toilet. Bath time!

Bubble baths are not just for farmers' wives.  Little Miss Farmer loves a bubble bath as well. At 12, you might think she is either too old or too young to enjoy them, but she does just the same. Mr. Farmer even enjoys a good soak now and then, when the work makes him sore and tense. Bubble baths are universal.

In the interest of good taste, I will end the details here. I can tell you, however, that there was nudity involved. There was also scented salts, many bubbles and lots of hot water. The greatest joy of all is that no one called, no dog barked, and no one came home until long after I had finished.

Life is indeed good.

The bathroom has been redecorated since this picture was taken, but it's the best one I have right now.


  1. Bubble baths are one of this Mommy's well-deserved indulgences, too! I agree with you that the bathroom needs to be neat to really enjoy it! Our bathrooms are VERY small, and I've always liked the feeling of open space when taking a bath (remember how awesome my bathroom was in that attic apartment I lived in with Ed?), so when we refinished our basement we had a full bathroom built in with a 2-person jacuzzi tub... and let me tell ya, it's a little bit of paradise!! I think your bathroom is actually really pretty in this pic! How does it look redecorated?

  2. The peach bath mat had to go. With the Boy and the Hubby tromping in and out all day long, it didn't stand a chance. Then we got hair dye on the pretty, sheer chower curtain. The new shower curtain is sky blue with little cherubs on it, and the wooden toilet seat has been replaced with a white one. I am still looking for a brown bath mat (the cherubs are outlined in brown and have brown hair), but I haven't found one that matches yet.

    I resisted the urge to post a photo of the interim bathroom decor... last Halloween I had a bloody-smear-and-hand-print shower curtain and fake blood dripping off the toilet tank. I love Halloween...