Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ducks: Destiny

We got a phone call last Sunday morning from my brother-in-law who, as I have mentioned, works across the street from the flea market. Once again, he is enabling my husband in his penchant for animal husbandry. In addition to low-cost, end-of-shelf-life produce, he always alerts us when there are animals for sale at a reasonable cost. Several years ago he even brought home a box of baby quail completely unbidden. This time he called to tell us that there were baby ducks for sale.

Naturally Mr. Farmer and his partner packed up the van and headed out for duck shopping. They were not pleased with the quality of the ducks at the flea market, but they had mallard on the brain and kept on searching. Being that it is so close to Easter, it did not take long before they located them at the same general store where they had purchased the bantam chickens a few years ago. Eight baby ducklings of ten days to two weeks old were boxed up and on their way to the homestead.

These ducks, Peeking Whites, are meat birds. Our partner is going to raise them in his garage and yard for about 6 weeks. Once they reach full size they will make several fine dinners for our two families. Until then, they will be fed a diet primarily of corn, but will be treated with fresh greens, which our last ducks loved. Since their purpose is clear, we will call all eight of them -regardless of gender- "Destiny".

Post Script: She's at it again. Knowing full well that each of the "cute little duckies" has a destiny, our partner's girlfriend is naming the ducks. What am I to do?


  1. Ah well, if they all have a name then you'll know who you're eating. You can share stories as you much on Fred.

  2. Yeah, see, Alexis, that is just weird. It just isn't right.