Friday, April 15, 2011

Life Is Good: Inspiration

I spent most of the day today nursing a sick dog. It would seem that he got into some (possibly spoiled) trash, and his digestion was suffering for it. The weather was cloudy, cool, and dreary, and any possible hope of doing any outside work was dashed to pieces by the whining of my poor doggie. So, between the emergency runs outside and the cleanup of the accidents inside, I sat at the computer and tried desperately to put to words the many ideas I have come up with over the past few days. The words just would not come. The interruptions were just too great a distraction. So, at 1 pm when the 8 hours of constant doggie-rhea finally ended, instead of writing I took a nap.

When I woke up and went out to fetch the children from the school bus, the sun had come out. It was still a bit chilly outside, but it was nicer. The dog was feeling better; the kids were home and about their chores, and Mr. Farmer was able to coax me outside.

It was a refreshing afternoon. I put on my work gloves, moved some stones for garden walls, and before I knew it I was tying my hair back, taking my sweatshirt off, and really getting down to work. I hauled stone. I hauled soil. I raked up wood chips from the winter wood splitting. I enlisted the help of the bored neighbor boy to haul the chips away. I worked until my back got tired and I could take the hunger no longer. It felt so good!

While I toiled away in the yard, my brain finally woke up. All the ideas I had been working on started coming together. One idea that I had last summer came back to me as I worked on the project I started way back then. I had ideas for new blog posts that almost create a story line.  I started planning the order that I would put my ideas into words and what order I would put them out for everyone to see. I was enjoying the work, and I was looking forward to putting my plans into action.

I suppose I should not be surprised that working outdoors inspired me. This entire blog has been the result of our outdoor lifestyle and our appreciation for hard work. The fresh air and heavy lifting got my blood flowing and my mind alert. In spite of all else, today was a good day.

My Neighbor's GORGEOUS Red Tulips

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