Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pigs: Gratuitous Baby Pig Post

That's right. The whole purpose of this post is to show off pictures and video of our first litter ever of piglets. Think of it as a brag-book of sorts.

Nursing Piggies Close-up
I love how Wilma nudges them to get them to go where she wants them.

I think she just got the pink one in the butt.
You know, Mom and Dad (Tiffany and Wilma) were cute little pigs once too....

Isn't it romantic? (About 12 weeks old, too young for romance.)
But we didn't have them yet when they were THIS little and cute:

That spotty one is my favorite.

Home Movies? Sure! (Very short, no sound.) Here's the babies tussling like puppies!

Here they are harassing poor Wilma and refusing to settle in while nursing:

And finally, a nursing piglet close-up... It's grainy from the zoom in, but it's still cute:

The piglets are 3 days old in all of the above. I hope you enjoyed!!!


  1. Gosh I wish we could keep them small! They make sure adorable pets.

  2. True, but sadly I have a family to feed. One or two may get to breed, but the majority will be sold or traded or fattened for butchering. They sure are cute, though!