Monday, October 3, 2011

Off Topic: Mushrooms

As I have mentioned, 2011 was a crazy, wet summer. The rain was almost unending, and the ground was almost constantly mushy and slick. The tomatoes drowned. The eggs (and the chickens themselves, for that matter) were constantly muddy. The park and lake flooded. The wild mushrooms, however, were amazing. I saw more interesting mushrooms in the late summer than I have in my entire life. I became almost consumed with hunting them down and photographing them. Here are some of my favorite photos.

There were white mushrooms:

Inside out mushroom
There were brightly colored mushrooms:

Something was nibbling on this red one

This one is SO bright yellow- the picture doesn't do it justice
Mushrooms in bunches:

Traditional Rotten Log Fungus

Amazingly Cool Orange Mushrooms
Right at the End of My Street

Mushrooms that stood alone:

Red Mushroom

I found mushrooms that looked like flowers:

Doesn't it look like a Daisy?

This one looks like a petunia
(Mr. Farmer says, "There's no such thing as a black petunia!")

And mushrooms that had some animal company:

Orange Salamander
Just hanging out with the Mushrooms

Giant Slug!

I even saw a pink/coral Indian Pipe, which is not really a mushroom, but grows in similar conditions:

Indian Pipe

Aren't they great?


  1. Beautiful pictures. I find mushrooms so amazing and unique!

  2. Great pictures. That bright yellow one is definitely interesting, hadn't seen one like that before.

  3. Not sure how I missed this post... what cool pics!!! Personally, mushrooms wig me out a tad. I can't stand eating them... it's something about the texture... I dunno. But at any rate, I think they're beautiful to look at pictures of (wow, that's poor English), but if I am staring at them in person, all I can think is "Ewwww..." They give me the same creepy-crawly sensation that I get from those nasty silverfish bugs!

    Don't know why I have such a deep-seated revulsion to them. When I see them in pictures I can look at them objectively and say that they are certainly beautiful!

  4. Dislike for mushrooms is not at all uncommon, Jenn(the Boy wouldn't touch them for years, and only just a short while ago did he start "tolerating" them - my middle sister is also repulsed by their texture). There is even a name for the fear of mushrooms: mycophobia.

    Personally, I do enjoy them on a culinary level, but this summer's fascination was more because of the variety I found than anything else. I kind of wish I had the knowledge to know if any of them are good to eat! I know better than to just jump in there and try, though, you know?

  5. That place is definitely a wild forest! There used to be many different kinds of mushrooms... However, that one that looks like a daisy flower might be one of the fungus flowers that grow on the ground of wild forests. Btw, my girl would be disgusted by that giant slug! Haha!