Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ducks: The Dilemma

The following is a discussion we presume occurred in recent weeks in our mini-barnyard. The names have been omitted because we don't name our animals. They are livestock, for crying out loud, not pets.

Duck: What do I do? They killed my brother! I think they ATE him!
Chickens (Smugly): They don't kill us.
Duck: Well, why do YOU get to live? They killed the pigs, too.
Chickens: Hmmm... we lay eggs. Maybe it's because they can eat the eggs, so they don't have to eat us.
Duck: Eggs? Yeah, that makes sense. Pigs can't lay eggs, either! But I'm a bird! A GIRL bird! I can lay eggs!
Chickens: Go for it. It's worth a try.

And so, within days of her brother's (ahem) passing, the duck lays an egg. We give her straw and decide to let her live. Her eggs are big, strong, and delicious. There is much joy in the barnyard.

But, alas, the joy was short-lived, as in less than a week, she is no longer able to lay. Should we eat her? She is cage raised and tender like her brother, I am sure.... but she laid an egg. And egg-laying birds don't get eaten. Besides, Mr. Farmer says she likes me.

Oh no. I think she's a pet. I might have to name her now.



  1. Might I suggest Doo-KAY... it's ducky in fru fru french! :o)

  2. Bad news. I'm pretty sure we're going to eat her. So, no name, I guess.

  3. UPDATE: Ask not for whom the bell tolls... It tolls for Doo-Kay... RIP (or, more accurately, Rest in Refrigerator)