Friday, August 20, 2010

Hillbilly Ingenuity: Impromptu Charcoal Grill

Here's the scene:

It's Friday night. You've got this lovely piece of pork, but it's "store" pork- the pre-seasoned kind. You bought it on sale, and weren't thrilled with the flavor last time. You are certain that it would taste so much better with a smoky flavor that only charcoal and some real hickory can give. What to do? Here's how Mr. & Mrs. Farmer solved the dilemma.


Mr. Farmer: We need to figure out how we are going to cook this pork. We don't have a charcoal grill.
Mrs. Farmer: So what? We have a metal wheel-barrow and an oven rack...
Mr. Farmer: No, not the wheel-barrow. We have the stone fire ring that we use to boil water for skinnin' and pluckin'!
Mrs. Farmer: And we have this re-bar that you welded into a grid for... why did you do that?
Mr. Farmer: It supports the 55 gallon drum we boil water in.

Mr. Farmer: The pork is smaller than that, but I hate to risk ruining the oven rack.
Mrs. Farmer: What about the rack from the gas grill?

Mrs. Farmer: So we have a fire, a means of support, and a rack. What will we use for a lid?
Mr. Farmer: The roaster pan lid!

Discounted "Store" Pork Loin: $3.50
Bag of Charcoal: $6.99
Lighter Fluid: $2.99
Bag of Potatoes: $3.99
Hillbilly Ingenuity: PRICELESS