Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ducks: Destiny's Final Day

Mr. Farmer and his partner processed the ducks last week (you'll remember that we had decided to call them all "Destiny"). The beautiful Peking White Ducks were full grown and ready to go, right on schedule. They employed the large stainless pot for boiling water outside, and while it heated up, they put down the 8 corn-fed ducks.

Four of the ducks were cleaned, soaked in brine for several days, and frozen whole. The other 4 were left in the special brine a few days longer, then stuffed into the now-traditional knee-high nylon-stocking casing for a day in the smokehouse. They were not cured, so once the smoking was complete, they were also frozen.

Ducks in Stocking-Bags, Prepared for Smoking

 Do you know what the hardest part about smoking ducks is? Finding rolling papers big enough for them.

(Please understand that anytime someone drops by the house while we are processing ANYTHING through the smoker, I am forced to endure this same joke... over and over and over and over... I just HAD to share.)


  1. Yum! They looks like very healthy happy birds so I bet they'll be a great feast.

  2. We ate our first duck tonight. It was a smoked duck, and our Pig-Partner said that his came out a little dry, so Mr. Farmer stuffed it with sausage before he roasted it.

    It was AMAZING!!

    Super yum!