Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pocono Tree Rat

Sure, I can hear you saying it, "Aww... look at the cute little 'possum!" In his cage he looks innocent enough- perhaps even fuzzy and cuddly? I think not.

This little guy and his cohorts have been terrorizing my property for the past few days. First the dog started barking like the house was under attack. I went to the window to see a fat skunk waddling away from my herb garden. We warned the neighbor to keep an eye on his dog, who routinely runs without a leash, so that he could avoid disaster. The following evening we hear what sounded like a large rodent in the attic (ok, it's a crawlspace). We couldn't catch it in action, but it sounded much to big to be a mouse. When the sound changed to something that sounded like someone was moving furniture upstairs (we don't have an upstairs!), Mr. Farmer decided to set a live-catch trap in the yard.

I was a little surprised to see the opossum in the trap and not the skunk. After all, I knew the skunk was out there. He probably still is. It makes sense, however, that the noises overhead could be cause by the Pocono Tree Rat. For one, skunks don't climb. Secondly, 'possums are BIG, and they do climb. He was probably never in the house, just having a grand old time on the roof. They are rodents, and have the scratchy nails like mice and rats, so the scratching noises and the bumping noises all make sense.

Of course, that skunk is still out there somewhere....

*bites nails nervously*


  1. These are some of the meanest animals I've ever encountered. I hope he's going for a long ride away from your house!

  2. Yes, they are very mean. Not as distructive as the skunks, but they do bite and carry a lot of disease.

    The list of animals that don't seem to serve any purpose whatsoever is a short one. I think 'possum are on that list.

  3. Agreed! We have trouble with them getting into the coop and eating chickens among other things. On occasion one has been treed by our dogs..mean rodents indeed!

  4. Eating chickens?!?!? Those barbarians! Our chickens are protected on all sides (and from above), but we were more worried about hawks and eagles and such. Foxes and coyotes are rare here, and I never even considered that the oppossum could be an issue.