Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pigs: The New Location

It would seem to me that the pigs have a nicer yard now than I do. I am so jealous!

The men have spent the past 2 weeks setting up the new home for our porcine friends. First they rapidly installed the barbed wire fencing. Then we moved the pigs into the enclosure. Over the days that followed, a gate was installed for easier access, and the bottom of the fencing was electrified.

The breeding pigs are learning the new electrified fence at different rates. Sometimes they try different spots, jumping back as their sensitive noses are zapped. Other times they jump back after touching non-electric parts of the wire, just out of anticipation. Little Miss Farmer(12) finds the process very amusing. It has brought out an evil streak in her. She continually suggests that we smear the electrified line of the fence with peanut butter to encourage the pigs to sniff and lick it. Such a naughty thing!

In other news, it is suspected that Mamas, Destroyer of Worlds, may be expecting. She is showing signs, and we anticipate piglets in mid-October. Hooray!

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